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  1. Hey great website!! My husband and I live in the tucscan countryside and have started our own “orto” now and planning on the chicken coop soon! We moved here from California and really enjoy the air and healthy eating! If you are every near Florence, and wanna stop by for a visit let me know!

    • Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Tuscany is a real jewel. I am so happy you like it there! Definitely go for the chicken coop, two or three hens will net you an incredible amount of eggs. What did you plant?

      The website is very new, but I have some bread and baking recipes coming up soon :)

  2. What a lovely site you have created here. I look forward to reading more of you offerings. We also grow a lot of our own organic fruit and vegetables on the other end of the world on the South Island of New Zealand.

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

      Wow, I just saw your website and it is incredibly nice! You even wrote a book?! Such an honor to have you here!

      I love reading blogs from people based in your area, as I find it so creazy that our seasons are inverted.
      I’ll be following. :)

  3. Hello! Happy I caught a glimpse of your photos on instagram. Wonderful website. Looking forward to reading more from a Cyprus kitchen. :)

    • Hello!
      Thanks for stopping by, you blog is actually a nice discovery too :) Cyprus food sounds absolutely interesting. I must say I have never considered Cyprus cuisine, but we both share the amazing mediterranean cooking and it looks great!

    • Ohoh, happy to see you here! I actually knew your blog already! I am always on the lookout for healthy food blogs (even though mine is taking quite a festive-kind-of-recipes turn). You have so much interesting stuff!

  4. Hi! My Name is Sarah and I am an American ex-pat living in the Veneto regione of Italy. I also have an orto but I don’t make my own olive oil. Are you or your husband American or did you just live there for a while?

    • Hello! :D
      Ahah, I’m not married yet :P I have been in the US a while, but I was born and raised in Italy. How do you like Veneto? I’ve never even been up there!

  5. Just came across your blog and am so glad I discovered it – beautiful photography, food styling and delicious recipes. I live in Rome and it is nice to find a healthy foodblog that is based in Italy – I follow a lot of blogs from the US, the UK (where I lived for 12 years) or even Oz and NZ but seasons don’t fully overlap and some ingredients are tricky to track down in Italy so it’s great to have found a blog that has access to similar ingredients to myself!

    • Hi Sophia!
      So I read you’re a german expat. I see your point, it is really difficult to deal with the Italian food market and customs after living in a place like London! Having lived in NY myself I can definitely relate to your pain. I’d love to give some recipes a foreign twist too, and I’ll surely write more about local ingredients.
      Surprisingly, even though we’re in a relatively small city, we have a couple of very authentic ethnic food options. Hopefully it’ll get better and better :)

  6. Por casualidad he caído en tu blog, una maravilla parra los sentidos.
    Per caso sono venuto al tuo blog, è meraviglioso, alimenta i sensi. Baci

  7. Hi!

    I just recently discovered your blog through someone else (The Vanilla Bean blog, I think…?) and I cannot be more thrilled to have stumbled upon this place! I absolute love your mission and your philosophy around natural cooking. I, too, made a huge change in my diet early in 2013 and became a vegetarian, and my interest in nutrition and whole foods and eating seasonal and natural foods have just soared. There’s so much to learn and so much space to grow in that area, for all of us, I think.

    I can’t wait to dive deeper into your archive and your recipes – from the first moment I landed on your home page I just fell in love with the design and your photography. Super inspiring… :) I’m so happy I found you, Valentina!

    • Hello!:D I’m so happy for your comment! Thanks a lot. Hopefully The site can get even better with a little time and work.
      I saw you’re in Australia! The amount of travelling you made is stunning! Judging from other blogs, it’s not too difficult to find good, healthy ingredients in there. Somethimes stuff can get really expensive here :/
      And your story about how you ended there is just great. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and we all need a little more of that! :)

  8. I got some views from this site…and was intrigued to visit it…..I will be visiting it often….very interesting and versatile……all the best to you….do keep visiting me too.

  9. Your site is so beautiful! I adore all things Italian (especially food) and have a similar eating style too! Can’t wait to continue to follow along. Keep it up!

  10. Hi Valentina! Just found my way to your blog and I LOVE it! We seem to have very similar philosophy on cooking with natural ingredients, seasonal food and so on. However – I don’t have the luxury to be able to make my own olive oil ;-) Good for you!

    • :O
      OMG HELLO!
      Yes, I know your blog. Yes, I love your food philosophy. So happy to see you here!

      Eh, soon enough we won’t have that luxury anymore as well, probably. Olive trees need way too much tending. But we have the chance to buy it from other mills, which is not bad either :)
      On the other hand, you have rhubarb, beets and good salmon, things which are nowhere to be found here.

  11. Your food blog and photography are just beautiful. I am first generation Italian raised here in the U.S. but we are working towards moving to Italia someday in our future. I would love to live in your region (my famiglia is from Lazio, Provincia di Frosinone) as I have visited often and love everything about it.

    Please visit my food blog and let me know what you think. I will be trying your recipes starting today and look forward to more to come from you.

    Grazie tante,


    • Hi Annette!
      So happy to see you here! We first met on Food52, haven’t we?!

      Romagna is a great place, especially here where I am: we have the sea, the hills, the woods, the countryside…everything is close by! It is sure a great place to retire. I am 23 and can’t wait to get out of here again, but I have to say that summer in Rimini is really, really enjoyable :)

      I did see your blog before! I really like it. There are many recipes I am familiar with, but I also love the american ones you have, like the Israeli couscous one (too bad I can’t find it here). And your ragú looks amazing! My mom makes it with giblets and chicken necks too, and uses sausage instead of bacon, but to be completely honest I really don’t like it (shhhh, don’t tell her).

      Let me know if you try anything! Two people here tried my breads and were really satisfied :) I’ll keep you posted, I’d love to try some of your recipes as well!

  12. Yes, we did meet on Food52 :) You can order couscous online now through many providers, I always look for organic options as they have a clean, toastier flavor.

    I am definitely going to try many of your yeast read recipes, I love the texture and colors you are achieving and I am sure the flavors are amazing.

    I plan on visiting Italia soon, if my husband and I are in your area I would love to meet and share some food & vino.

    Ciao e grazie tante,

    • Ooooh sure! Let me know if you visit! I’d definitely be willing to travel, so we could meet somewhere in Romagna if you happen to be around here (though I have to say my area is really pretty and worth a visit in the nice season).

      A presto, allora!

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