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  3. I began looking at your blog because I love Italy, we have visited twice. And being retired, I now have the time to devote to cooking interesting dinners and things to store in the freezer. It probably helps that we live on 7 acres in the piedmont of North Carolina with two horses and our Great Dane. We are near about 5 restaurants and they are all pretty good, but they get boring and not as good as you can create at home. I am writing to encourage you to use Miso and tahini in your blog cooking. I imagine they are available in Italy and people are using them in creative ways. I use tahini all the time. We live in Israel in the 70’s. When we moved to the States, it was a hard to find ingredient-now it is in the supermarkets. In fact, I can buy preserved lemons and harissa for Moroccan cooking in the super market. Please share what you are eating and cooking. We are moving into that age range where guts can be very temperamental and energy must be managed so good food and tips to make more energy are much appreciated. Your photographs are art and your blog is quite thoughtful, I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to more posts.

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