"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

Learning all I know so far was a long, beautiful process. Passing it on is now an honor and a necessity. From photography to foraging to table-setting, we covered it all (and we have great, GREAT food and wine to boot).

Chiaro & Scuro - A Photography Workshop

Roma, 13 Maggio 2018

Language: Italiano / English

Latteria Studio - dalle 10.00 alle 17.00

La fotografia non solo come modo di descrivere la realtá, ma come strumento per raccontarla in tutta la sua bellezza. Vi parleró dei segreti per passare dal chiaroscuro alla luce piena,  dalla pura espressione artistica alla fotografia piú adatta al business, e ai modi per imparare a controllare la luce in tutte le sue sfumature. 

The Pasta Gathering - Pasta-Making Workshop

London, March 2018

Co-hosted with Catia Bice Lemmi - Pasta Lab Tuscany
Language: English

March 25th, Merci Marie, London

Pasta: one of the most fascinating and delicious elements of Italian home cooking, and definitely one of the most fun to prepare and cook. 
Join me and Catia, an accomplished pasta maker from Tuscany, for a London one-day retreat where you will be able to master art of making tagliolini, tagliatelle and stuffed pastas, and have a classy lunch to boot. 

The Adriatic Gathering - Photography Retreat

Gradara, May 4th to 7th 2018

Co-hosted with Eva Kosmas Flores - Adventures in Cooking
Language: English

Castello di Granarola, Gradara, Italy

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